Offvase – Triennale di Milano

The entrance of the exhibition is at first seen from the big staircase that leads to Triennale Design Cafè, to catch a first glimpse of the works.

The plan of the exhibition is based on two big counters and the relation between design works and the space is developed horizontally. A series of cages creates virtual perimeters around each piece. The iron structures made by the company Arthema Group, sponsor of the exhibition, are essential in processing and structure to ensure an aseptic feeling.

There is no fixed route and there is no order in the sequence of works. The dialogue between the ten pieces, which are part of the collection ‘Oxides’, should be understood in a personal way by each visitor when facing a single object: the flower vase. In a bubble, outside of a bubble, broken, full, empty, transparent, matt, lay, religious…

The iconic relation with classic art in this case is merely a pretext, the objects are bringers of design art quotations and materials.

Photo Erika Bertolini, Marco Marangoni

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