Artribune – Artefiera

The studio signs the Artribune stand for Artefiera 2013 in Bologna. Artefiera is an international event dedicated to the art, which hosts modern and contemporary artworks, trade publishing, institutions and galleries of emerging talent. This context suggested the kind of interpretation to present Artribune at the exhibition. The key chosen by the studio is the simulation of an art gallery, which is the design input, where the logo of the magazine becomes a reason for a graphic-linguistic exploration of works signed by the studio. The letter “A” of Artribune is treated as a pop character, whose dare portraits with color combinations and different thematic. The “A” of Artribune becomes the protagonist of three paintings (150 × 150 cm), which is intertwined with a natural motif on a head, overlaps silhouette of glass, or is interposed between two “skeletons Walking Man“, all hallmarks of the studio signed by Gianni Veneziano. The idea is to keep the same simplicity of explanation of a gallery, opting for the presence of few objects, with only the addition of a table that will be used during the dialogues with the visitors. As interpretation of the latter, the optical illusion of a trail of an engine on the ground, is actually a series of bees’ footprints composed by a multiplication of “Walking Man” in a graphic game. The three paintings and the table are translated into mosaic surfaces, in the contrast between ancient artistic technique with the endless possibilities offered by new technologies and here realized by Digital Mosaic.

Photo Erika Bertolini

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