Casa Privata VDV

In the old city centre of Molfetta, more precisely within the outer walls partially submerged in the sea, where during the Middle Ages construction site on the rocks fulfilled the function of fishermen’s residence, now overlooks the historic building, turned the private home VDV, as well as the summer residence of the architect Gianni Veneziano and designer Luciana Di Virgilio.

During the centuries the building has gone through a stratification of works, indeed the lower part was built on pre-existent structures -similar to pile dwellings- and it still keeps nowadays traces of the medieval fabric; on the ground floor the stone vaults still keep the sixteenth-century marks. The upper part and the facade were built between the end of the seventeenth century and the eighteenth century.

Developed on two levels, before the last renovation works, the building was organized in two big open space rooms. However, the need to shape up a more practical setting got the designers to think of their house as a big box in which to put other boxes carrying out the principal functions of everyday life. This choice was also meant to preserve the pre-existent structure and its historical traces, for example the cross vaults and some sixteenth-century fanlights. As a result some small environments were created, thus allowing a connection between past and present.

The architectural path develops on two levels:

  • Ground floor: living area connected both to the kitchen and to a typical balcony jutting over the sea, master bedroom, guest bedroom, bathroom;
  • Basement: a big open space with parts of walls which define three different areas not separated one from the other.

The materials chosen for the structural works were plasterboard and white finish for floors and walls, which in this way are the right setting of the mix of pieces of furniture made up of objects designed by Gianni Veneziano, modern elements and cult pieces of contemporary design.


Photo Michele De Candia

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