Il segno dei designer – Triennale di Milano

The format, the paper as the element that generate drawings of author, is the key for the arrangement “ Il Segno dei Designer”, by Gianni Veneziano, made with very simple and totally reusable means, that are however able to impress the visitor.

The idea of a table-expositor comes from the projection from 0 to 90 A4 sheets, simulating a drawing board, on which the drawings were created in the studios of the invited authors.Towers of A4 sheets, held together by a typical packaging, are arranged symmetrically calling forth buildings on a reduced scale.Primary geometric volumes design a miniature town, where to wander freely, characterized by a sort of square deliberately conceived as projection of the central void impluvium, the wonderful exhibition hall of the Triennale.There is no privileged visit path, as well as no order in the sequence of the drawings, nor chronological, or of any kind.Everything is wisely highlighted by an effective central lighting point, that falls over in groups of four expositors.

The entirely horizontal viewing of the exhibition is completed by a graphic animation of Felix Limosani on the entire wall. A visual work that moves the life of the drawn line from the horizontal A4 sheet to a 16:9 screen.A language extension that starts from the combinatorial creativity of the DJ as a tribute to the Design Thinking.


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Il-segno-dei-designer--Triennale-di-Milano---Gianni-Veneziano--Luciana-Di-Virgilio---V+T_1 Il-segno-dei-designer--Triennale-di-Milano---Gianni-Veneziano--Luciana-Di-Virgilio---V+T_4 Il-segno-dei-designer--Triennale-di-Milano---Gianni-Veneziano--Luciana-Di-Virgilio---V+T_2 Il-segno-dei-designer--Triennale-di-Milano---Gianni-Veneziano--Luciana-Di-Virgilio---V+T_3
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