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A radio program about design curated by and with Luciana Di Virgilio who for the first time brings the design into radio. Conducted with Giancarlo Cattaneo within Capital Weekend on Radio Capital, the heading “Capital Design” was created with the aim of introducing the general public to the cult objects that have accompanied us during the changes in our society.

Who has never driven a Vespa? Who has never dropped on an armchair Sacco? And what about the radio … the radio has joined our nation which in the 50s wanted more than ever smiles, colors and music. The first episode was dedicated to the “radio cubo” of Brionvega, designed by the couple Zanuso-Sapper, a small colored box that opens in half and from which the very long antenna rises. The design still continues today to hold together Italians and is more present than ever in the homes of all and in the lives of every day. That’s why certain items are essential, they are to use, to know, but especially to love. In no house is missing a Bialetti moka, how to make coffee in the morning without design?


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