Cenerentola, the handle designed by Luciana Di Virgilio and Gianni Veneziano from Studio Veneziano+Team is balanced between two worlds.

Two worlds and two times. One past, that has its roots in the Mediterranean matrix of our culture, from which it borrows the soft lines of its profile and back roundness; the other contemporary, minimalist, clean as a Lucio Fontana cut and just as effective in shaping the energy of modernity.

And two are the worlds lived by Cenerentola, the star of Rossini’s opera and muse for Luciana Di Virgilio and Gianni Veneziano, whose life is divided into a game of sides, balanced between a fate already written and one still to be invented. In Rossini’s opera, a transformation is in progress, from servant to princess, the same that elevates the handle “from everyday object to dream. There, where the dream is a synonym of vision and future”, to use the designers’ words.

The coexistence of so many suggestions in just one project accentuates its versatility and makes it adaptable to the most different domestic environments, to which it will give a more classical tone in the satin gold and bronze finishes, or a more modern one in the copper and light black finishes. Perfect reinterpretation of a classic in a contemporary key, Cenerentola combines ergonomics and a “strong emotional impact”, in line with the project philosophy of Luciana Di Virgilio and Gianni Veneziano, always searching for the right match between experience and innovation. “This project was born with the need to preserve emotional archaeology. In fact, for us it is important to foster with passion the genetic and aesthetic heritage of the companies we work with and stimulate the perception that everybody has or can have of his/her existence”, state the designers.

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