Chiari di Lunae

“Chiari”, like the purity of Murano glass and the balanced intensity of the light which crosses every element, “Lunae”, like the elegance and precious quality of she who reflects the light of the sun and gives her name to the collection of Morellato jewels where the outright star is natural pearl. Chiari di Lunae of the StarNet collection is an open lighting system under development which allows for the light to be interpreted in a different way. Handcrafted cylinders in purest crystal of Vistosi, embellished with pearls, create a luminous texture which captures the eye and lights up the ambient through a led source.

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Milan Design Week 2015

Chiari di Lunae_Vistosi-Morellato Chiari di Lunae_Vistosi-Morellato_dett Chiari di Lunae_Vistosi-Morellato_stilllife Chiari di Lunae_Vistosi-Morellato_stilllife_dett
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