Nowhere – Abitare il Tempo

Nowhere is a cocoon that thrives off emotional interactions; a fluid atmosphere of plastic forms that create a seductive interior. The scenography feeds the spectacle, helping to ease out of the day and escape to a place with a full range of possibilities.

The exhibit creates dynamic scenes as a reflection of the contract where enjoyment and interaction are the main constituents. The light has diverse gradients of intensity and the furnishings are offered as sculptures. The space efficiently fuses atmospheres, favoring circulation and giving life to transparency and movement.  The presence of fragmentary images allows one to discover various visual games and the acoustic system crosses the walls eliminating every border.

We thus give form to a space whose exterior anticipates the contents of the interior, and upon crossing the this threshold it quickly wraps one in a combination of architecture, design, video art, and media…for an age obsessed with lifestyle!

Photo Maurizio Turchet

Nowhere_Verona_Abitare-il-Tempo-linking-people_Gianni-Veneziano_Luciana-Di-Virgilio_venezianoteam_7 Nowhere_Verona_Abitare-il-Tempo-linking-people_Gianni-Veneziano_Luciana-Di-Virgilio_venezianoteam_6 Nowhere_Verona_Abitare-il-Tempo-linking-people_Gianni-Veneziano_Luciana-Di-Virgilio_venezianoteam_5 Nowhere_Verona_Abitare-il-Tempo-linking-people_Gianni-Veneziano_Luciana-Di-Virgilio_venezianoteam_4 Nowhere_Verona_Abitare-il-Tempo-linking-people_Gianni-Veneziano_Luciana-Di-Virgilio_venezianoteam_3 Nowhere_Verona_Abitare-il-Tempo-linking-people_Gianni-Veneziano_Luciana-Di-Virgilio_venezianoteam_1 Nowhere_Verona_Abitare-il-Tempo-linking-people_Gianni-Veneziano_Luciana-Di-Virgilio_venezianoteam_2 Nowhere_Verona_Abitare-il-Tempo-linking-people_Gianni-Veneziano_Luciana-Di-Virgilio_venezianoteam_10
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