Ten glass pieces by Gianni Veneziano. The collection Ossidi provides a single object: the flower vase, inside a bubble, outside a bubble, broken, full, empty, transparent, opaque, lay, religious… The iconic relationship with the classicism in this case is only a pretext, the objects are carriers of quotes and materials of the art of design. These glass pieces were made in Venice, at the Adriano Berengo‚Äôs furnace.

In my story, my object is not simply a cup, but contains in its forms a metaphor for the life of the traveler in its eternal renewal. Here is that every cup is thus a possible world apart, where to disperse, identify, dive, imagine “. -Gianni Veneziano-

Off-vase_Gianni-Venziano_Triennale-Milano_10 Off-vase_Gianni-Venziano_Triennale-Milano_9 Off-vase_Gianni-Venziano_Triennale-Milano_8 Off-vase_Gianni-Venziano_Triennale-Milano_7 Off-vase_Gianni-Venziano_Triennale-Milano_6 Off-vase_Gianni-Venziano_Triennale-Milano_5 Off-vase_Gianni-Venziano_Triennale-Milano_4 Off-vase_Gianni-Venziano_Triennale-Milano_3 Off-vase_Gianni-Venziano_Triennale-Milano_2 Off-vase_Gianni-Venziano_Triennale-Milano_1
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